Moscow Critical Mass

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A cyclist from Moscow emailed today. I don't speak Russian so had to use an online translation facility. It sounds a bit like a comedy sketch, but you can get the gist of the message...

Here's the original:

Здравствуйте коллеги! Сегодня, 22 апреля в
Москве мы устроили велопробег через весь
город и доказали автомобилистам, что мы
имеем не меньшее право быть на дороге,
чем они... МЫ ЛУЧШЕ!!!! Оставляли только
крайнюю левую полосу для скорой помощи и
пожарных.... Было здорово... только погода
подкачала... а как прошло у Вас? Много
народу было?

and computer translation:

"Hello colleagues! Today, on April, 22nd in Moscow we have arranged bicycle race through all the city proving to motorists, that by we have not the smaller right to be on road than they... to us it is better!!!! Left only extreme left strip for first aid and firemen.... It was healthy... Only weather has pumped up... And how has passed at you? Were there many people?"

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