Running On Climate Online Release

Vancouver, British Columbia based productions ltd is pleased to announce the online release of Running On Climate.

The 83-minute climate justice documentary will be released initially online on Vimeo On Demand on Tuesday 22nd September. It will be available across Canada either to rent or buy. People can pre-order the film now for delivery on Tuesday.

People can rent Running On Climate for a 48-hour period for C$4.99 or buy it to stream and download for C$12.99 at Vimeo or our channel on Vancouver-based Reelhouse.

Running On Climate looks at the lengths scientists will go to highlight the dangers of runaway climate change, focusing in particular on University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver's successful bid to become Canada's first Green member of a provincial legislature.

Media enquiries

For further information, interviews, or press materials please contact Robert Alstead or Joanna Clarke.

Telephone: 604 736 2726