Running On Climate Now Available Worldwide

Running On Climate is now available to rent or own across the world on Reelhouse. The 82 minute documentary follows internationally renowned climate scientist Andrew Weaver who ran for election to the British Columbia legislature in 2013. The film is made by Robert Alstead and Joanna Clarke of productions ltd.

Weaver ran for the B.C. Green Party in spite of a chorus of voices which told him that he didn’t stand a chance and that he would only “split the vote” among progressive voters. The party had never won a seat in its 30 year history at the time.

A political campaign underdog story, Running On Climate shares the long-running IPCC scientist’s insights and concerns about the terrible risks that climate change poses as he embarks on his new career path.

The film also looks at the wider struggle by scientists, First Nations, and activists to prevent British Columbia from becoming Canada’s carbon corridor to Asia. It asks why university professors are blocking trains carrying US thermal coal to BC ports, and what are the implications of the planned pipeline projects that would carry bitumen from the Alberta tarsands to tankers on BC’s coast.

In particular, Weaver questions the long-term, economic viability of the BC Premier’s liquid natural gas (LNG) ambition - a promised “trillion dollar” industry that still shows no sign of materialising and that has only undermined the province’s former leadership role on climate change.

With commentary from scientists, politicians, and ordinary citizens engaged in the climate justice movement, Running On Climate looks beyond the election rhetoric and photo ops and asks what is our responsibility to future generations who have the most to lose from global warming. What is sustainable? And what can an individual feasibly do, here and now, to prevent the planet careening toward catastrophic climate change?

Media Coverage

"An exhilarating portrait of a grass roots political campaign from the moment of its origin."
The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

“The film is by Robert Alstead, who until recently wrote about movies for Common Ground magazine, and took a chance that Weaver would be an interesting story when he rode his bike over to Victoria and started filming. He’s captured a dynamic campaigner and an up-beat guy... 4 out of 5.” Vancouver Observer

“The film addresses environmental concerns not just as a tale of woe and doom but of hope and the pursuit of change from the roots up.” Planet Experts

“At the core of this film is hope and determination. Hope that Canadians will take climate change seriously so that we can start solving the problem, and the determination to get science a seat in parliament.” The Peak


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