Video: Not Those Conservatives...

One of the surprises for me when following the BC provincial election in Oak Bay-Gordon Head was BC Conservative candidate Greg Kazakoff.

Kazakoff, an accountant by profession, came across in the candidates' meetings as, initially, an old school oil and gas man. Chatting with him at his home in May I saw another side to him, reflecting his years of working with First Nations.

Kazakoff was director of finance for the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and worked with the Inuit in the Eastern Arctic. I didn't expect to be talking about tipping points, Arctic methane levels, and flooding in the Florida Keys (where Kazakoff has another home) with the candidate for the only party to strongly support the hugely controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. But I did.

I'm saving that for later. In the clip above, Kazakoff explains why the BC Conservative Party is not the Federal Conservative Party, even if he is a longtime member of the Federal Conservative Party.

Kazakoff came a distant last in the Oak Bay-Gordon Head election race, which was no great surprise since he had little to no cash to spend - he had no posters, no campaign office, no volunteers and, the tacit support of the Feds, he suggests, was placed in another party.