Video: Bring Your Boomers, Real Talk on Climate Change

The 420-seater Rio Cinema in East Vancouver was practically full last night for a BC Election edition of Bring Your Boomers, entitled "Real Talk on Climate Change". Gen Why Media's inter-generational dialogue series aims to bridge the gap between politicians and youth, encouraging young people to engage with the issues and, basically, go out and vote on 14th May.

The panel comprised of politicians from the main parties and three young voters: Caleb Behn (an indigenous law grad from Northern BC, with distinctive Mohawk), Andrea Curtis (a local activist and former Work Less Party worker) and Sam Harrison (from Kids for Climate Action, whose secretly filmed testimony to the Federal Joint Review Panel on the Enbridge pipeline went viral).

Parties were clearly taking this discussion seriously. NDP Environment Critic Rob Fleming (Victoria-Swan Lake) stepped in for David Eby at the last minute (Eby might beat Premier Christy Clark in Point Grey in May). BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk (running in Victoria Beacon Hill) travelled from Victoria for the Vancouver dialogue, and the spikey haired BC Conservatives candidate Duane Nickull (also running in Vancouver Point-Grey) gave some practical input for reducing CO2 emissions, and managed to persuade us that he is "with the BC Conservatives not Stephen Harper's Conservatives".

The youthful Liberals candidate Gabby Kalaw was, to coign a cricket metaphor, on a losing wicket from the start. The Liberal Party, under Christy Clark, has had its climate credentials mauled particularly over its ambivalent stance on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project and plans for an LNG bonanza in the north of the province.

The final panelist, and one of the most forthright speakers was independent Cariboo-North MLA Bob Simpson who has first-hand experience of the devastation of climate change, in the shape of the mountain pine beetle. Caleb Behn, who is the subject of upcoming documentary Fractured Land, also told us about the toll that fracking in his ancestral territories is taking on his people.