Oak Bay-Gordon Head Votes & Voters 2009 vs 2013


Elections BC has announced the final results for Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding (a riding I have been following closely for Running On Climate), and with it the final confirmation of Andrew Weaver's solid election night victory.

While the count of absentee and early votes will not change the general election night outcome - a stunning win by the BC Liberal Party - there are one or two ridings that have the potential to change hands when the final tally is announced tomorrow (Wednesday 29th).

Notable is the race in the riding of Saanich North and the Islands where (on Tuesday night) the NDP's Gary Holman leads the Liberal Party's Stephen P. Roberts by 92 votes and the Green's Adam Olsen by 323 votes. This is the Green Party's second best chance at a seat (although now looking like a very long shot). NDP candidate David Eby was confirmed at the final count as the new MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, meaning Premier Christy Clark will have to win a by-election to sit in the legislature.

I've done a comparison of the Oak Bay-Gordon Head results from 2009 and 2013.

(view on Google.)

You get a sense of what a breakthrough the BC Greens had in this election. In 2009, the Green candidate Steven Johns won 2,330 votes. In 2013, against the same two candidates (and also a Conservative candidate) Andrew Weaver increased that number to 10,722 votes, an increase of 8,392.

Also notable, is that voter turnout went up from 66.5% of registered voters in 2009 to 71% in 2013, one of the highest levels in the province.