Global Warming

You can find a number of video clips on this site on the subject of climate change , but here's some videos by others that provide some context for our feature documentary Running On Climate, illustrating the scope of the problem.

This November 2013 update on the state of the climate uses an elegant 3D rendering of the marble planet to remind us what's at stake and what's left of our carbon budget, based on the 2013 assessement report from the United Nations' International Panel on Climate Change.

Here's a couple of video clips from the TED series that remind us why climate change is such an urgent issue, the issue, that we face today.

The first, "Climate Change is Simple", is a re-mix of a talk by David Roberts of Grist:

The second is by NASA climate scientist James Hansen, who is credited with putting climate change on the US political map in testimonies to Congress in the 1980s and is one of the strongest advocates (including getting arrested) to highlight the seriousness of the climate situation.