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How Will Canada Hit the 1.5C Climate Target?

It’s almost half a year since Justin Trudeau’s Liberals swept into power promising a “bold

DVD label design - Running On Climate

We are getting ready to ship DVDs to our Kickstarter backers. Here is a preview of the label design.

Running On Climate is Out in Canada

In the Fall of 2012, Arctic sea ice annual minimum had just hit a historic low.

Rio Screening Offers Up Election Predictions

Thanks to everybody in Vancouver who came out last night for the film on such a lovely Fall evening.

B.C. Climate Change Leadership Has Gone Up In Smoke

August is here and already it’s been a summer for the record books, with 2015 looking like it’s going to

On this day in 2008

Happy Canada Day! Happy carbon tax anniversary day!

Standing Ovation for Running On Climate in Nanaimo

The British Columbia Green Party had a special preview screening of Running On Climate at its AGM in Nanaimo on Saturday night.

The Climate Impact of the Alberta Oilsands

Before University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver announced he was going to run for the BC Green Party he co-authored a report with one of his PhD students, Neil Swart, for the journal

Harper Gets Behind Pricing Carbon Alberta Style

Fighting climate change requires strong government policy. You need to put a price on carbon.


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